Consortia created Relationship Trackers™ for every property in the United States. Relationship Trackers™ are ledgers that track every relationship event tied to a property.

Why it matters? 

Consortia created Relationship Trackers™ to track the real estate professional’s (REPS) relationship to a property. When REPS tag relationships, REPS appear on the hyper-local experience map. The Relationship Tracker™ map facilitates sending and receiving referrals. Imagine opening up a map and seeing exactly which REP has the best relationships in a neighborhood and send referrals with confidence! Send your referrals to a proven closer who has hyper-local experience. The more Relationship Trackers™ the REP tags, the more hyper-local dominance the REP showcases.

How else does the Consortia blockchain help the REP? 

Consortia tracks all referrals on private patent pending blockchain. REPS will never lose another referral again because all the referrals are logged and tracked on the blockchain. Track and settle every referral on the Consortia blockchain.

Cut out the middle man. Go direct to the best REPS with hyper local experience and close more referrals!