International Services

Referrals are the lifeblood of real estate and constitute 90% of agents business. There is currently no infrastructure system to track referrals from start to close. For the international markets, Consortia offers global escrow to track the escrow and referrals from start to finish. 
Contact Detail
Principles, agents, attorneys send documents to Consortia. 
Transaction coordination is mapped by deadlines using transaction management software
Deposits and balance of purchase money moves from either: 
Crypto to fiat at banks using Bitpay to Afex to Bank
Fiat to fiat conversion using Afex to Bank
Parties vote on the validity of the contracts
Consensus is recorded to the event ledger
Details recorded to blockchain on Consortias event ledger
Escrow Conclude
Funds disbursed according to contract terms

How escrow works

Consortia provides the first-ever international escrow service on the private patent-pending Consortia blockchain.
Consortia works with the notary attorney, listing and buyers agent to coordinate all deal terms.
When all the contracts are property documented, Consortia reconciles all escrow terms, records to blockchain and disburses funds in either single or multiple currencies using our foreign exchange services.

Foreign exchange for referral escrows

Consortia members can send and receive escrow

  • In over 180 countries
  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week


Consortia referral escrows are priced based on currency type and amount.