Residential referrals are massively untracked

Referrals are the lifeblood of real estate.

Real estate referrals represent $10B of residential real estate sales and go mostly untracked.

Consumers spend $440B on home improvement.

Most of this business is referred by word of mouth from agents to tradespersons.

Referral tracking: Never lose another referral

Finally, a platform captures the entire referral process online.

Consortia makes every referral a smart contract.

Whereas referrals used to be done on a wink and a handshake, Consortia now tracks every referral from start to close.

  1. Create your referral as a smart contract
  2. All parties agree to terms
  3. Consortia tracks using automated reminders and scrubs multiple data sources to ensure your referral is paid!

Let Consortia do your dirty work

Consortia has partnered with Legal Services of America to collect all referral fees due.

We’ve protected the you to never get cut out of another referral ever again.